Sarah Winslow Deming

Sarah Winslow Deming

A woman of means who educates her nieces to become accomplished ladies.

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Thanks to her niece’s letters, we know that Sarah Deming was as involved in politics as an 18th century woman could be. She took part in the boycotts against taxed British imports, which meant shunning goods like tea and fabric. This wasn’t as simple as buying alternate brands, though. These boycotts required a change of lifestyle, like making clothes out of rough homespun fabric, and acceptance that their lives were diverging from the British norm.

From the Card:

  • You and your niece take part in Patriot boycotts of imported goods and make your own clothes.
  • You are almost trapped in Boston when the Siege begins and make a frantic escape.
  • You are separated from your husband during your flight and have to leave everything behind. You eventually manage to get to safety and the two of you are reunited.
  • Hearing that the British want to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams, you ensure that letters are sent to warn them.

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