Sarah Morton

Sarah Morton

The daughter of a Loyalist who defies family loyalties to marry a dashing Patriot leader.

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Creative pursuits, like embroidery or music,  were encouraged amongst upper-class women, but it was rare for these to be seen outside of the home. Sarah Morton was one of a handful of women whose intelligence and creativity found an outlet through writing.This was the only way that women’s voices could be heard, and it provides an invaluable resource to historians, because it is our only window into the minds of 18th century women.

From the Card:

  • You marry a Patriot lawyer, Perez Morton, and the two of you enjoy an elegant lifestyle.
  • Your husband has an affair with your sister. The resulting pregnancy and scandal drives her to poison herself.
  • An account of the scandal is published as a thinly disguised fiction. For years you are believed to be the author.
  • You are a poet and greatly enjoy sharing your poems with friends. You later publish your poetry to great acclaim.

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