Sarah Revere

Sarah Revere

Although she is married to a legendary figure, her own life is touched with sadness.

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While her husband was busy with his business and political involvements, Sarah Revere  would have been at home. The work of women often goes unmentioned, but caring for a large family in the days before vaccines, refrigeration, indoor plumbing, and unisex public schooling, would have been exhausting. In addition, because of the risks of childbirth, female mortality rates were higher than for men. 

From the Card:

  • You grow up in a small house in Boston’s North End.
  • Your family attends the Old North Church, where you meet your future husband.
  • You marry Paul Revere at the age of 21 and give birth to your first child eight months later. You have a total of 8 children with him over your 16-year marriage.
  • In 1764, one of your children contracts smallpox and your entire family is quarantined for a full month before the child finally recovers.
  • Illness takes your life at the age of 37.

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