Susanna Copley

Susanna Copley

The wealthy wife of a renowned artist who is at the top of Boston society.

Susannah Farnham Clarke Copley.jpg

Even though Susanna Copley belonged to a very well-respected family, they were still forced to flee Boston before the beginning of the war. Although they chose to go to England, along with many others, some Loyalists chose other distant places, such as Canada or the Caribbean. Although they generally remained within the British Empire, these relocations were a struggle.

From the Card:

  • You are the daughter of a merchant and wife to the most successful portrait painter in America.
  • You live happily with your husband on Beacon Hill where you raise 6 children.
  • Your husband uses your face in a painting of the Goddess of Beauty.
  • You entertain the most prominent Bostonians as they visit your husband’s studio.
  • Your father owns much of the Tea destroyed at the Boston Tea Party, which ruins his business. Your family become labeled Loyalist and forced to abandon life in Boston and flee to London.

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