Susanna Rowson

Susanna Rowson

Although the Revolution brings turmoil to her early life, she goes on achieve literary fame.

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Susannah Rowson was a remarkably independent (and busy!) woman during a time when women were generally limited by finances, education and social expectations. She threw the rulebook out of the window when she joined a theater company, wrote a best-seller, and then again when she opened a number of girls’ schools around Boston. Perhaps it was because of the restrictions she was aware of while growing up that she wanted to make opportunities accessible to women.

From the Card:

  • You move from England to Boston with your father, a tax collector for the British Navy who remains loyal to the King.
  • You are shipwrecked on the journey, but rescued two days later.
  • As the Revolution begins, your family is put under house arrest by the Patriots because of your father’s position. Later you are forced to leave and your family’s property is confiscated.
  • After time in England, you return to America as an actress, novelist and playwright, before opening a girls’ school in Boston.

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