Susannah Sheaffe

Susannah Sheaffe

A teenager who falls madly in love with a young British captain.

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In 1768, 4,000 soldiers arrived in Boston. Although many of the townspeople were upset, over the next few years, the soldiers did integrate into Boston society. Considering that the arrival of the soldiers effectively doubled the adult male population, an unsurprisingly high number of marriages took place, too, like Susannah Sheaffe’s. Perhaps this competition helped fuel the anger between the soldiers and lower-class Boston men, eventually sparking the Boston Massacre.

From the Card:

  • You are the daughter of a tax collector and you grow up in Boston.
  • You are only 15 when British soldiers arrive in Boston to crush political riots. You watch from your balcony as thousands of soldiers march into town in a parade.
  • An officer sees you and, struck by your beauty, he proclaims, “That girl seals my fate."
  • Only a few months later, you marry the captain, against your father’s wishes.
  • You eventually leave Boston with your husband and live happily in England for the remainder of your life.

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