Thomas Gage

Thomas Gage

A bureaucratic British General who is charged with restoring order in Revolutionary Boston.

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Thomas Gage had already spent over a decade living in the colonies before he became the Governor of Massachusetts, meaning that he had a different perspective (and a more personal stake)  than many other British officers. One must wonder  what would have happened if Gage have been governor at the time of the Stamp Act.. He is a perfect example of what happens when even a well-intentioned person is in power at exactly the wrong time.

From the Card:

  • You are sent to Boston to serve as General and Governor to suppress the rebellion. This is an enormous challenge. You fail.
  • You have made your career in the colonies and married a woman from New Jersey. She is suspected of being a Patriot spy so you send her away to Britain.
  • You value liberty but love law and order. This conflict makes you hesitate to capture Patriot leaders or known spies.
  • In 1775 you are recalled to Britain for your failure, but remain in Royal favor.

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