Thomas Hutchinson

Thomas Hutchinson

A native Bostonian whose royal position requires him to do the work of the Crown.

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From the Card:

  • You believe that the British Parliament has a right to impose laws on the colonies whether or not you personally like them.
  • Your support of the Royal Government earns you the position of Royal Governor at a politically charged time.
  • Your political opinions make you very unpopular and a mob ransacks your home.
  • Though you love your hometown of Boston, you are forced to leave.
  • You end your life and career in England as an advisor to King George III. You encourage him to treat the colonies kindly.

Thomas Hutchinson was a loyal British subject but also a true admirer of his own colony’s history and culture. He was a level-headed and reasonable man who succeeded in business and politics. He never intended to take an extremist stance, but his position in the colonial government made him the face of hated policies and transformed him to the most bitterly despised man in America.

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