Thomas Marshall

Thomas Marshall

Despite his mundane career as a tailor, he comes to be seen as an influential gentleman.

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Not all men who were involved with pre-Revolution politics were lawyers or politicians. Thomas Marshall was a long ways from the upper echelons of society, meaning that his arena wasn’t the courtrooms but rather the streets. Along with many others, he was involved with the riots and protests. But, unlike many others, he also had more productive outlets for his anger. 

From the Card:

  • Your rank as captain in the Boston militia makes you a prominent citizen.
  • You become involved with political brawls, witnessing the Boston Massacre and participating in an attack on a Loyalist publisher.
  • During the siege of Boston you remain in town while most Patriot leaders leave. As a town official you help to negotiate the British evacuation in 1776.
  • After commanding a regiment as a colonel during the Revolutionary War, you finally retire to the small town of Weston where you quietly live out the rest of your days.

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