Thomas Melvill

Thomas Melvill

A merchant who becomes a radical Patriot and participates in the Boston Tea Party.

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From the Card:

  • Orphaned at a young age, you are raised in Boston by your grandmother.
  • You study to become a minister at Princeton University, but decide to become a merchant.
  • You participate in the “Boston Tea Party” and you save a small amount of loose tea you find in your boot later that night.
  • You become a Boston celebrity in the 1820s as one of the last living Boston Tea Party participants. You persist in wearing your tricorn hat well after it has passed out of fashion.

Thomas Melvill’s descendants were very proud of their ancestor for his involvement in the Boston Tea Party and other protests that lead to the American Revolution. The chose to donate a number of his possessions to the Bostonian Society to be displayed in the Old State House including his hats, a portrait and  a vial of tea his descendants believed to have been collected at the Boston Tea Party.

For more information on Thomas Melvill, try:

Tea Leaves by Samuel Adams Drake- This book contains profiles of Tea Party participants, including Thomas Melvill

Thomas Melvill objects from the Bostonian Society- By searching “Melvill” you can view the artefacts that were donated to the museum by his family. These include portraits of Melvill and his wife, the tea, and his hat. 

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