Thomas Preston

Thomas Preston

An officer in the British Army who is sent to Boston to control the unruly citizens. 

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Thomas Preston is one of those men that historians desperately wish had kept a diary. All we know about his life is through his involvement with the Boston Massacre; we know next to nothing about his personal life, or his experience of Boston. What did he think about the Revolution? Did he think that the Bostonians were crazy, or did they have a point? Was he fighting for the ideals of the British Empire, or just following orders?

From the Card:

  • Many Bostonians hate your presence and make life difficult for you and your men.
  • You are the officer in charge at the Boston Massacre. However, you are found innocent when tried for murder.
  • At your trial, John Adams is your lawyer. You tell General Gage that your defense lawyers are skillful, but John Adams grumbles that you do not thank him personally.
  • By the time you leave town, you are so sick of Bostonians that you wish General Gage victory over Boston’s “knaves and foolish villains."

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