William Molineux

William Molineux

A fanatical Patriot whose zeal is often too intense for those around him.

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By looking at the American Revolution from the street-level, through the eyes of the real people who lived it,  we can see the events as they  truly happened; this story of real people and uncertain outcomes. What was this person’s experience and how was it shaped by their beliefs, their occupation, their age, the color of their skin? 

From the Card:

  • You are a Patriot, but you continue to do business with Loyalist merchants, even renting warehouses to regiments of British soldiers.
  • You attempt to lead a march on the Governor’s home in 1770. When your colleagues refuse to participate, you threaten to kill yourself in exasperation.
  • You are one of a few wealthy men who participate in the Boston Tea Party. Most of the famous Patriots avoid being involved.
  • In 1774 you die suddenly from a mysterious illness, leaving many to speculate that your death was actually a political assassination.

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