Mather Byles

Mather Byles

A witty Puritan Minister known for his scholarly sermons and clever puns.

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Most ministers within the Puritan faith were strong supporters of the Patriot cause, but Mather Byles was a strong exception. The refined and famously witty minister was once very popular in town and his groan worthy puns were often repeated. Since he was once respected, he was allowed to remain in Boston after the Revolution where he stubbornly remained a loyalist for the rest of his days.

From the Card:

  • Legend has it that you said “Which is better - to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?”
  • You have a large collection of scientific curiosities that you love to show guests.
  • Your political opinions get you voted out by your congregation and later arrested.
  • After your arrest you stubbornly stay in Boston until your death.
  • After the Revolution, your daughters live in your house as Boston’s last Loyalists, and refuse to pay American taxes.

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