Patrick Carr

Patrick Carr

 An Irish craftsman who is struggling to make ends meet.

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Patrick Carr, an Irish leatherworker not only worked for an Irish business owner, but rented a room in his house. His death at the Boston Massacre his alleged dying declaration of forgiveness for the soldiers became one of the more important pieces of evidence in the Boston Massacre trial. However, some members of the public tried to dismiss his testimony because he was a Roman Catholic.

From the Card:

  • As part of the Irish Catholic minority in colonial Boston, you suffer prejudice.
  • You have witnessed violence between British soldiers and mobs in your native Ireland.
  • On the night of the Boston Massacre, you attempt to leave your house with a sword, but several people persuade you to leave it behind. You are fatally wounded that night.
  • Your doctor testifies in court that you forgave the soldiers on your deathbed, saying that the soldiers had suffered a lot of abuse, and fired in self defense.

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