John Jeffries

John Jeffries

An ambitious doctor who seeks financial reward by climbing the ranks of the British Army.

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The story of John Jeffries reads like a novel, rife with drama, intrigue, infidelity, and ambition. Incredibly, none of these things backfired, and he was one of very few men who were welcomed back into Bostonian society after involvement with the British Army. Although his story is hardly that of the “common man,” his desires to be respected and affluent are very understandable.   

From the Card:

  • You are a witness at the Boston Massacre trial because you tend to Patrick Carr, a victim.
  • While seeking advancement in the Army, it is rumored that you offer your wife to a superior as a bargaining chip.
  • After fleeing Boston in 1776 you briefly live in London. While there, you finance and participate in the first balloon flight across the English Channel.
  • Later, you return to Boston where you are lucky to be accepted back into the community, given your past in the British Army.

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