Samuel Maverick

Samuel Maverick

An apprentice who is living happily with the Greenwood family in the North End.

Samuel Maverick.jpg

The memory of the youngest Boston Massacre victim, Samuel Maverick, was perhaps the most tragic to the traumatized citizens of Boston. The weeping woman seen in the middle of the Boston Massacre engraving may have represented his grieving mother, a widow who held her dying son in her arms the night of the gunfire. Many people dismiss the hyperbolic “Massacre” name, but details like this remind us that it was still a great human tragedy. 

From the Card:

  • Your mother is a widow running a boarding house in the center of Boston.
  • On the night of the Boston Massacre you are with a group of apprentices near the Old State House when you hear people yelling “Fire!”
  • When the soldiers fire, a bullet enters your belly and comes out of your back. You die the next morning in your mother’s arms. You are seventeen years old.
  • You are given a grand funeral by the Patriot leaders who use the tragedy to further their cause.

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