Thomas Crafts

Thomas Crafts 

He is active in secret Patriot groups from the very earliest days of the American Revolution.

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From the Card:

  • You are trained as a decorative painter, or Japanner, and own a shop near the Old State House.
  • Despite your political activism, you are wary of mob violence. Your objections to certain protests lead some to doubt your commitment, and even call you a Loyalist!
  • As the war begins, you serve as an artillery officer, greatly improving your reputation.
  • You read the Declaration of Independence from the Old State House balcony in 1776.
  • You are a vegetarian. There are probably not many others in Boston!

Thomas Crafts was an active member of the earliest protests against colonial policies. The small group he was a member of, The Loyall Nine, was the earliest precursor to the The Sons of Liberty. He made significant contributions to the American cause and his star rose because of it; John Adams later remarked that his family was one of four that were virtual nobility in Boston.

For more information on Thomas Crafts, try:

Tea Leaves by Samuel Adams Drake- This book contains profiles of Tea Party participants, including Thomas Crafts.

Thomas Crafts’ astonishment Mortification and Disappointment  from the blog Boston 1775- This article quotes from a letter where Crafts became incredibly angry about the position he was offered in the Continental Army, because it was not high enough for his ambitions.

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