William Scott

William Scott

An eccentric but skilled shoemaker with an unfashionably long beard that frightens little children.

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After his death, William Scott was remembered by Bostonians as an eccentric for the long beard he wore. Having any facial hair in the 18th century was beyond unfashionable; it was seen as the mark of a madman, an indigent or a savage. And yet, only a generation after his death, beards became fashionable again, which goes that show that fashions really do come and go… And come and go again! 

From the Card:

  • As one of Boston’s many shoemakers, your talent for making elegant women’s shoes makes you famous.
  • You marry well and own property, making you unusually wealthy and prominent for a shoemaker.
  • You grow an unfashionable beard at a time when men are always clean-shaven. You defend your whiskers by pointing out passages in the bible which endorse beard growth.
  • Your business earns you enough to have your portrait painted, which you publish in the newspapers along with a poem you write praising the virtues of your beard.

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