James Otis

James Otis

A brilliant and fiery Patriot lawyer, whose mental instability cuts his career short.

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At the beginning of 1700s, no Bostonian was a bolder advocate of colonial rights. The depth of his passion and obsession frightened people around him and  his eccentricity increased until he became too mentally unstable to hold public office . As he fell from grace and retired from public life, the memory of James Otis was an embarrassment to some and he remains all but forgotten to this day.


From the Card:

  • You argue against the Writs of Assistance in the Old State House, inciting resistance to British rule.
  • You suggest that the freedoms of life, liberty and property should be extended to people of all races. These ideas were ahead of your time.
  • Your family is divided politically; your wife and daughter are Loyalists, your son and other daughter are Patriots.
  • Embarrassing outbursts caused by your mental instability make you increasingly unfit for a public role.
  • You are killed by a bolt of lightning.

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